open source video editor (AVIDEMUX)

open source video editor AVIDEMUX

Hello visitor, welcome back to this site. As usually today I will share again that related again with the open source video editor. Of course, you can guess from the Title which this application has a Free license to use. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy the paid version. But if you have a lot of money you could buy the paid version with complete features. And if you don’t have too much money, just use the free version. And on this site, I will share about the open source video editor that almost supports the famous OS, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

FEATURES ON Open Source Video Editing Software (AVIDEMUX)

This software is called Avidemux. Avidemux has a simple design. When opening or running this software for the first time you will see a simple design of Avidemux Video Editor. Although this software has a simple design, this software has a good ability to edit video files. Just like other video editing software, this app has several features. That features are adding Title or Subtitles, Transform that content of (add a border, Add logo, Ascii View, Black and etc), Interlacing, Colors, Noise, Sharpening, OpenGL, Artistic, Miscellaneous. And if you want to add your logo or your brand to the video just use Add logo button.



Just remember that as a beginner user, there is something that you must worry about when using this software. Especially related to adding a title or subtitle on the video that you want to modify. I have also had difficulty adding text as the title on the video that I want to edit. And finally, I got the solutions to that problems. The solution is just to create SRT files through third-party software. After you have (SRT) files, just click the add button on the subtitles features. And then your video finally gets the title on it.

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