Open Source Video Editing Software (PITIVI)

open source Video Editor (Pitivi)

Hello visitor, welcome to my website. As usual, today I want to share about free software again. And this time I will share about Open Source Video Editing Software. And the software that I will explain today is called “Pitivi”. This is the first time I am using this software. And the look of this software for the first time running that software is similar to another Video Editing software. Because this software is free, I think is suitable for the features brought on this software. This software is very very simple to use.


For the first time I am using this software there is no difficulty to use the item on it. Is really easy, especially when I want to insert a video on this software. Just click on the Import Button and then search the file that you want to edit from the computer and that click Add button and the video is on your Pitivi media library. And If you want to add an effect to your video just click on the effect library. There are so many effects libraries that you could use, beginning with the Analysis until uncategorized is supported on this software. For Title is not hard too, you just click on the clip button and then there will show two-button show below on the clip button. Just press the Create title Clip and the Title will show on your screen.

pitivi Title clip

And another feature is the main feature of this software. The main feature of this software is the render process. There are two options that supported on rendering process. The first one is creating video into DVD and the second one is rendering the video with youtube recommendation video encoding. and we take a look insight on the rendering process there are other items on it, especially on the advanced menu. There are menus that are related to video settings such as container format that is related to video format extension (MP4, Matroska, Ogg, Quicktime, and WebM), Video resolution, and Audio formats.

If you want to install and then use is you could find it on the PITIVI official Website or also you could download it from this site.


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