Burgertime: The Retro Game Creating Burger

Burger Time

Have you ever heard of Burgertime? If not, you’re missing out on a classic arcade game from the early 1980s. In Burgertime, you play as a chef trying to make burgers while avoiding evil food-based enemies like hot dogs and pickles. With an interesting concept, simple gameplay, and plenty of nostalgia, Burgertime is the retro game you didn’t know you needed!

What is Burgertime?

Burgertime is a classic retro game that first debuted in 1982 and was an immediate hit. In the game, you control Chef Peter Pepper, who must make burgers while avoiding enemy food items like sausages, eggs, and pickles. The aim of the game is to complete each level by making all of the burgers on the screen before the time runs out. Along the way, you can collect bonus points for shooting your enemies with pepper or using ladders and platforms to climb around the stage. Burgertime is a great way to take a break from your day-to-day routine and have some fun!

How to Play


Burgertime is an arcade classic that can now be enjoyed for free on your computer or laptop. The game is fairly simple to learn, but mastering the strategies and techniques of this fun game will take some time.
The object of Burgertime is to make as many burgers as you can before the time runs out. You have to climb ladders, use pepper to stop the enemies from catching you, and even jump over them to get your delicious burgers made.
You control a chef called Chef Pepper who has to build burgers one ingredient at a time while avoiding the bad guys who are chasing him. As you progress, more and more obstacles appear that make it harder to reach the top of the screen.
When you are successful in completing the level, you move on to the next one with different challenges and enemies. You must finish all the levels in order to complete the game.
You also need to be careful as some of the levels have limited time, so you have to be quick and efficient. As you progress, you will unlock new weapons and power-ups that can help you make it through the levels faster.


Burgertime is an exciting and classic retro game that brings back memories for those who grew up playing it. The game features a wide variety of characters, such as Chef Peter Pepper, Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Professor Burger, all of whom are trying to make their way through the treacherous kitchen and build delicious burgers.
Players have to avoid adversaries while navigating their way around the kitchen and constructing the burgers. Chef Peter Pepper has the ability to use his pepper shaker to spray enemies and slow them down, allowing him to move past them and continue with the burger-making process.
Along the way, players can collect different items such as French fries, pickles, and lettuce that will increase their score and allow them to progress further in the game. As they progress, they can access bonus levels where they can get special prizes, like extra lives or power-ups. The game also features multiple difficulty settings, so players of all levels can enjoy Burgertime.

Tips and Tricks

Burgertime can be a challenging game, so here are some tips and tricks to help you out:

  1. Choose Your Path Wisely: When climbing the ladders, choose your path carefully. Make sure that there are no enemies directly above or below you, otherwise you will be quickly surrounded.
  2. Take Advantage of Peppers: Peppers can be used to freeze enemies in their tracks, giving you an extra few seconds to get out of harm’s way. Try to use them whenever possible, but remember that they only last for a short amount of time.
  3. Watch Out for Spinning Ladders: The spinning ladders can be tricky to maneuver. Take your time to plan out your moves and try to stay away from them as much as possible.
  4. Don’t Get Caught in Corners: It’s easy to get caught in a corner with no escape, so try to keep your movements spread out across the board. If you find yourself stuck, use peppers to get out.
  5. Plan Ahead: Planning ahead is key in Burgertime. Think about your next move and the consequences it could have before taking action. This will give you the best chance of success!

Why You Should Download Burgertime

If you’re looking for a fun, classic game to get lost in, then Burgertime is the perfect choice! This retro game was first released in 1982 and has since gone on to become an absolute classic. From the nostalgic visuals to the simple yet highly addictive gameplay, it’s easy to see why this game still captures the hearts of gamers today.
The premise of the game is fairly straightforward; you play as Chef Peter Pepper who must make burgers and climb ladders to avoid enemies. Each level is filled with obstacles and enemies that you must dodge or defeat to reach the end. As you progress, you will also earn bonuses that will help you complete levels faster.
What makes Burgertime so much fun is its simplicity. With intuitive controls, it is easy to pick up and play, making it great for casual gamers. The vibrant graphics bring the game to life, while the classic sound effects transport you back in time.
Beyond the entertainment value, Burgertime can also be a great way to improve your gaming skills. It requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking, forcing you to think carefully about how you tackle each level. It’s also great for practicing problem-solving as you use ladders, platforms and traps to progress through the game.
If you’re looking for a game that will bring back some good memories and give you hours of challenging fun, then Burgertime is definitely worth downloading. Get ready for some nostalgic burger-making adventures!


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