Open Source Photo Editor (Shotwell)


Today so much software has been developed or created. From paid version until free version. You could pick software that you want as long as suitable for you. For me, as a user just chose the free version. And on this site, I will share again about an open-source photo editor called Shotwell. This software is very easy to use (that is my opinion). Just for information, I have already used this software for almost more than 4 years as an open-source photo editor software on my computer. Another that I like about this software is the progress of the photo modification, it took less time.


This software is not designed with the best design but the function of it is very helpful. According to the Shotwell website (Shotwell), it says that this software is basically designed for the GNOME desktop environment. And it has main functions in photo editing. This software could manage images or photos from a USB flash drive, camera, or other storage. You could manage that photo by event or according to keywords.

This software has two parts of views. the first one on the left side is the content of the folder, event, or (tags) keyword and the right side content of the photo thumbnail.



  • This software could import from storage such as (hard drive, USB Flash Drive) or from the other device such as (Camera)
  • It able to organize the video based on Events, Folders, or Keywords (Tags) and others
  • This software able to view photo based on fullscreen mode or full windows
  • It have function to cropping, Rotate, Adjust Colour, Enhance, Straighten, Red-eye on photo or image
  • On viewing the photo or image this software could show on slideshow methods.

If you want to use it just download it from the official website or with the shortcut using the link below


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