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Hi visitor, today I come back to review and also share about free software that could use for everybody. From amateur until professional. This time I will share again about free software that is related to video to MP3 converter. This Video To MP3 Converter Software is called a sound converter. it has a simple design and a simple menu. It has a function to modify video into sound such as MP3. According to my opinion, this is the simple software for converting Video to MP3. When I am installing this tool on my computer, there is nothing special about it.

although this software brings a simple design, it has advantages to converting video into audio files. Basically, this software develop on Gnome Desktop that is related to Linux Operating System. So for the other operating system such as windows, Mac temporarily could not work. So I hope this software is also developed for other Linux operating systems.


As a beginner when using this software there is nothing hard to master this software. There is no certain skill to handle with this software. Because this software only just adds the video and then converts the files. You could convert multiple video files on this software. And this software has a progress bar to analyze the process of converting the files. Just for your information this software only supports 4 types of converting files such as Ogg Vorbis files(default), MP3, Flac Lossless (Flac), MS Wave (Wav), Opus (opus). And then the quality is split into 6 Levels. The first level is very low, the second is low, the third level is normal, the fourth is high, the fifth is very high, and the last one is Insanely High.

multiple converting
progress bar

When you have a job to convert video on the fast time limit deadline, it is not bad to use this software. This software is have powerful and fast converting video process


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