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Hello, visitor welcomes to my website, and today I want to update the content of this website. And I want to share about Video Editor Free download that related with Subtitle. Subtitle Composer the name of the Video Editor Free download. It will help you to create a title for your video. This software has a simple template design. When as a beginner user using it for the first time after installation, is not hard to use it.

There are four view parts on that software. The first one is for viewing the video and the second one is Equalizer audio bar. The third one is for a timeline of subtitles and the last one is creating title tools.

So this app really helps people that want to add text to their video. I could create subtitles according to time. This software is really easy to use. And really help for the people that beginner to know about this software. I think there is no longer time to master this software.

If you want to create or something to do with adding text or subtitle, make sure the video is imported on this software and then click new and then click edit choose between insert before or after.


There are not many items or tools brought on this software. This is fair enough because this software uses a free license. Just remember this software is only used for creating subtitles or may be related to the animated text on the video.


Honestly, for me, this software is really good to add a title to the video but there is something bothering me. I think there is some bug that must be fixed. When I click on change the text color at the bottom, suddenly this program is close itself without any warning

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