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Hello visitor and welcome to my website, I hope you are in good condition. As usually on this website I will share about free software again and again. And today I will share again about free software that is related to the free video editor. So many people want to modify their videos. On this day, To edit or modify the video need software to run that process. With free video editor app will make the job more easy and fast. Some of you may be already known about this software. Cinelerra is the name of this software. Just for information, this software is only supported on Linux.

I have already installed Cinelerra on my computer which has a Linux Ubuntu Operating system. And then when I used it for the first time, it’s look strange. There are several items that I could not understand to use it. But I am not giving up, I keep to try and then I got used to it well. there are three main layouts on Cinelerra when I run it for the first time. The first layout is called Cinelerra Programs, the second layout is Cinelerra Resources, and the last one is called Cinelerra Viewer.

For the first time, I don’t know how to play the video to play and edit on that software. And finally, I found a way to play and also to edit. To play the video you must open on the View Layout. To edit the video make sure that your video has already been put on the timeline. And to create you must use Cinelerra Resource. On the Cinelerra Resources, there is so many video effect that you could build on your video.


I am so impressed with this Cinelerra Resources. I think this is the unique feature that brings on this app. And on the Cinelerra View, you could be the equalizer when playing the video. You could check by yourself by installing and using it on your computer the other unique features of this software.

if you want to download and try it, just go to the official website or you could download it from here


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