Audio Free Software (Audacious)

Audio Free Software
Audio Free Software

There are so many free softwares that you could get on open source. One of the non-paid softwares is related to audio free software. As usually on this website I will share an audio software with non paid version which has the name Audacious. Audacious is free software that has the main function to play a sound file. This software is so light and is simple to use. This software is good on play audio files. This software also has an equalizer that brings charm when playing the audio files.

And when I installed this software and use it, there is something interesting for me about this software. This software reminds me of old software similar to similar functions. that old software has the name “Winamp”. Why I could say that because this software has skin or template like WinAmp template.

free audio software winamp
free audio software WinAmp

When you want to play audio with this software, just Drag and drop folders and single song files, you could search for artists and also the albums in your entire music library or maybe want to create and edit your own custom playlist. I have read from the official website that this software could play audio streaming from the internet. I have tried it, but it fails. Assumed that this may be because of my slow connection to the internet. But, you could try by yourself.

free software
free software

THE FEATURES OF Audio Free Software (Audacious)

Just like the other audio players. This software has a template just like an old WinAmp template. This software is could run smoothly on Linux and also Windows. And for Mac, There is no clue could run on that Operating system. Audacious could run on two operating systems (Linux and Windows) according to the official website. This software has been updated on February 01, 2021 (Audacious 4.1).

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