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If you are noticing when using old Ms office such as Microsoft office 2007. There will be something that should be worried about. And that issue is about “How to convert data on Microsoft office to PDF files?”. Of course, this would be the main problem for the user that does not know about this. And the second issue is “how to convert Word to PDF Free”. The first issue may be could solved with try to use third-party software. On the market, we could find so much software that could convert Word into PDF files. But of course, most of that software is not free. If the software is free most of them just limit the features.

And the second question is about “How to Convert Word to PDF free?”. The answer to that question, is using Microsoft Office 2007 Add-in. On the Microsoft Office official website, we could find the application that supports Convert into PDF. This add-in is installed on MS office by using the Add-in function on Microsoft Office. But, I don’t know this app is still supported on the official website or not, but you could find it by yourself. And if you do not find that software on the official website, you could download it from here.

On PDF convert processing, Microsoft office needs this app. For Microsoft office above 2007 version not need this add-in.


After you install on your computer then try to create files that want to convert to PDF files. The next step is, Save or Save PDF files into your computer.

As long as I know, this plugin also works on the other Microsoft office bundle such as:

Ms. Office 2007
Microsoft Office Excel 2007.
Ms. Office InfoPath 2007.
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.
Ms. Office PowerPoint 2007.
Publisher 2007.
Visio 2007.
Word 2007.


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