Bootable live USB (UNetbootin)

Iso Bootable USB Live
Iso Bootable USB Live

Just related to a previous post that related to bootable live USB software. And today, I will share again another software that has the function to create a Bootable flash drive. And the name of that software is Unetbootin.  Geza Kovacs is the one who writes and creates that software. UNetbootin licensing under GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. This software could create bootable live USB for several Operating System Such as Linux, Windows, and also macOS. Just like similar software, to create a flash drive bootable make sure that you have already a flash drive.

I have been using this software on Ubuntu Operating System Installation almost more than 6 times. When you want to create ISO bootable on windows, there is no need for extra effort. But if you are using non-Windows Operating System, there is an extra effort of creating an ISO bootable USB. For me as an Ubuntu Operating System fan, Usually use UNetbootin with extra effort. When I have already downloaded it from the official website, I have an issue on running UNetbootin. This app has a (bin extension) and cannot directly run it smoothly. I have to change permission from (bin extension) into (.exe extension). But there is an issue again when running into (.exe extension), there is a notification on the screen like this below :

UNetbootin must be run as root. Run it from the command line using:
sudo QT_X11_NO_MITSHM=1 /home/Justin/Downloads/unetbootin-linux64-702.bin

So, that notification sends me a message to run UNetbootin from the terminal. And when I run through on the internet it runs smoothly.

THE FEATURES OF ISO bootable USB (UNetbootin)

  • It have Support Famous Operating System in the world such as (Windows, Linux an MacOS)
  • This software able to format the flash drive format such as FAT32
  • For Linux Operating System, this software support more than 20 version of Ubuntu Operating System


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