ISO bootable USB (Rufus)

Rufus ISO Bootable USB


I have seen several cases that related to Operating systems on the computer such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. And all the issues have some cases. The computer is not smooth on the loading of the Operating System. It is always stuck on a blue/black/white screen. It will make The computer user frustrated especially those who have less knowledge about computer issues. That issue is also becoming an obstacle for people that work at the office too. For an IT guy, that problems will be easy to solve. Just put the OS DVD or ISO Bootable USB then fix or install the new OS on the computer. It will run again smoothly without any problems.

And on this website, I will share a downlink of Rufus. For several people do not know about Rufus. I will explain with a short word. Just for your information, Rufus is software that is able to create bootable USB. Bootable USB for several OS, Such as Windows OS, Linux and etc. ISO bootable USB such as Rufus is so Powerful. With the light of size, it could do an incredible thing on the computer. I have been from the official website (, explaining that this software has been updated several times.


  • It able to format the USB for several of file system format (NTFS, FAT32 and others)
  • Is only have little size (1.3 MB)
  • This software is always updating (that have goal to decrease bug and also increasing features). The last update on October 23, 2021 and the new version using Rufus 3.17 (based on the official website)
  • There are any of installation is needed. After download and then click on the Rufus Application. It will run smoothly
  • Rufus it self, support more than 20 languages.
  • Rufus is so fast compare with other similliar App such as Universal USB Installer ,  UNetbootin , Windows 7 USB download tool , on the process of creating Windows 7 USB Bootable.


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