Disk Cleaner Free (Easy Disk Cleaner)

Easy Disk Cleaner
Easy Disk Cleaner


Do you have ever experience with Hard drive full capacity issues? especially caused by unnecessary files. I think the answer is “Yes”. I have some experience too. It makes me so frustrated when the work could not be saved because the is no space left on the Hard Drive. So to fix that problem we must be using software to do this. We must use Disk Cleaner Free software if we don’t have money to buy it. One of the software that I recommend is Easy Disk Cleaner. Bare on your mind that this software is free to use, but also you could buy it. And you could download it from the internet.

Easy Disk Cleaner could analyze the disk with details. I have read from the official website which this software could be scanning more than 999.999 files on the drive only in less than a minute. This software is easy to use. And this software analyzes the hard drive using a pie chart as the default graphic. This pie chart will help the computer user to analyze the drive more easily. This software will help in deleting the process of unnecessary files. And of course, the process of deleting with this app will help enlarge of Hard Drive space.

FEATURES ABOUT Disk Cleaner Free (Easy Disk Cleaner)

  1. Save more space on your Hard Drive
  2. With less than a minutes, it could handle to analyze more than 999.999 files
  3. When I read from the official website, this software able toprotect the files from accidental deleting process.
  4. It could organize between folder and also folders.
  5. There are several more features on paid version such as: One click on deleting high files and also folder
  6. This soft software could manage according file format such as Video, Image, Application and etc
  7. And for more information this tool could manage by extension of file such as xlsx, MP4, Exe, Part and etc

You could download from here


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