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Bleachbit Free download
Bleachbit Free download

Many people already use computers and also with the software. Usually, people like to install certain software on the computer. With more and more installation software on the computer. It will make the computer use more time on the loading process. For several users who do not know about this issue will ignore it. Actually when after the installation process it will send a temporary un useful file on the computer. surfing on the internet is also the cause of the slow response of the computer. The surfing process will leave several unuseful files and sometimes become spam. So to solve this problem we must use third-party software which has the function to empty or delete unuseful files. Bleachbit alternative software to do that job.

Bleachbit is an application that could remove unnecessary files on the computer. It could make more space on the storage. Basically, Bleachbit creating for Linux Operating System. And the next development, Bleachbit has been supporting for Windows Operating System. It has a function to clean the computer so the computer becomes faster on opening the software.

This software has a simple design and is easy to use. When we open that software for the first time, you will see split into a two-part pane. The first (left pane) consists folder as the target to clean. And the second one, content the unnecessary files that will delete.


Shred of Bleachbit
Shred of Bleachbit
  • This software is simple to use
  • It have function to remove unnecessary with detail
  • And also this application has portable version which have the same function with application that installed on the computer
  • This software already support for more than 50 languages in this world
  • It have featured that called shred which have function to shred the files and hide the content and protect from data recovery.
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System RequirementsWindows, Linux
Downloads for WindowsDownload
Downloads for LinuxDownload


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