Digikam Free Download

Digikam Free Download
Digikam Free Download

Someone that has been getting a lot of picture or image on the computer sometimes want to edit several pictures or maybe just want to modify them. And Basically, it must be using software to job like that. And this software is must relevant with an image or picture editor. The market is also available for image editors software. You could buy one of that software that according to you it suitable and comfortable with you. But several people that do not have a lot of money will go to the free version. This time I will share about Digikam Free Download. You could find and get Digikam Free download from the internet.

Basically, Digikam designing for Linux. But because there increasing number of users that want to use free software especially related to an image editor, so Digikam is catching that chance. As a new user of Digikam is really want to know how this software work.

When open the first time of this software, It took a lot of time when importing an image on it. The default view template of Digikam splitting into two columns. First, The album is at the left position, and the second one is the content of the images files on the right position.

And when I am using it for the first time (without looking at the internet), is so hard to find a toolbar for editing the picture. I Keep searching and finally, I got the way to get into the toolbar.


Digikam Export Image Extension
Digikam Export Image Extension
  • Just like the other, this is free software
  • Not only for linux, this software is also support for other operating system
  • Could save directly save on online storage such as drop box, google drive and etc
  • This software could export to more than 15 extension of images files.
  • This software is also able to create a slide show of images
Update DateMon Jul 12, 2021
System RequirementsWindows, Mac and Linux
Downloads for Windows 64 bitDownload
Downloads for MacOSDownload
Downloads for LinuxDownload
List of Download DetailDownload


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