falkon free browser

falkon free browser
falkon free browser


Hi, a visitor today I came back to share about free software again. And now, I am just want to share free software that related to the browser. Of course, many computer users use a famous browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Edge. The famous browser is familiar with the computer use in the world. We could find another browser besides the famous one. Such as Brave, Vivaldi, and others.

I have tried searching another browser on the internet and made a wonderful result. So, there are many browsers that I don’t know. One of those browsers is called Falcon. The Falcon browser actually used for Linux operating system. Basically using for KDE Linux version.

This software is so light and so fast. With a simple design, this browser could be an alternative browser. And the computer user should try this software. I have already installed and used it. And really simple and easy to use. When opening the first time the browser will go directly show Go duck search engine as default.


When we look at the browser preference it will show you several features that we could use such as

  • General
  • Appearence
  • Tab
  • Browsing
  • Fonts
  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Downloads and many more

There are other unique with this software, especially for speed dial. For several browsers, then click on the new tab it will show the speed dial page on the screen. But on this browser when clicking on the new tab it will show nothing. if you want to add speed dial, just click on your right mouse and then choose to add dial.

I have already used this software several times. And when to search for anything there no slow speed on loading. It really fast. I think with the simple design and fast loading on search, it deserves to use and try it for people that always like to surf the internet.

Update Date
System RequirementsWindows, Linux
Downloads for Windows 32 bitDownload
Downloads for Windows 64 bitDownload
Downloads for LinuxDownload


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