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Do you realize that today many pictures that have been capturing by the camera are able to high resolution?. And the answer is yes. Of course, this is amazing progress of image or picture capturing. But, several people do not satisfied with the result. To add something to the pictures, such as text or any object that could be implemented on the picture or image. And today I will share about software that supports modifying the photo. GIMP is the name. GIMP Photo Editor could bring you something brilliant modifying of the photo.

Just like another tool on photo editor, this software has several toolbar shows on the screen when opened for the first time. This toolbar will help you to modify the picture. So many items that bring on the toolbar. This GIMP Photo Editor has an amazing look. Updating progress show on the official website. Although is free but this software is very incredible. It really really help the people that do not much money to buy Photo Editor with the paid version. because there is so much information about this tool. More and more many users using this app to edit the photo or image including me.

Previous Post about GIMP

Actually, I already post about GIMP before, I am just posting about GIMP that using a portable version. With more updating continuously, there will be a good impact and minimize the bug. And for the latest version, GIMP already releases version 2.10


The Improvement of the new GIMP Photo Editor

Not like the previous version this New GIMP has to add more ability for the user. And also according to the official website, it says there are 15 languages available on this version. And just for your information that, if the user wants to add font on GIMPP make sure know about how to install it. Just read the manual installation from the official website and it will help you.

Update Date2021-09-14
System RequirementsWindows, macOS, and Linux
Downloads for MacOsDownload
Downloads for WindowsDownload
Downloads for LinuxDownload
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