free photo editor open source (Darktable)

free photo editor (Darktable)
free photo editor (Darktable)

I have been using several programs of Free Photo Editor on my computer. And of course, almost every software or application that I share on this website is free. Because I am really like free software. Free software does not mean that it has the worst quality, but it almost has close to paid software, especially related to the menu also features. And this time I will share about free photo editor open source call name Darktable.

Honestly, I am new to this software. for me, this is the first time which using this software. I don’t know about this software before. I am just to installed on my computer and trying to use it. For the first time when opened it, there are nothing special with this software. Even I don’t know how it works. Also when I want to try to import and edit on this software so difficult. But, thank’s to god, Finally, I get it. It takes several times to learn how it works. I have been trying more than five-time efforts to understand how to edit the pictures.


Just for information, this software is not like a common software that has the same function. I am just curious why this software does not show a toolbar on the screen. Is just too hard for a beginner to understand it. I am sure that need time to understand it. On the screen, the toolbar will not show. You will force to search the toolbar on the right pane on the screen. The module is the name of that toolbar. Although is a little hard to master it when you have already the result will have good enough.

And this software could import more than one image just only one step import. All images will show on the screen. The picture that already imports will show on the bottom pane or it could say the frame. And if you want to know about this software just see this video below.

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System RequirementsWindows, macOS, and Linux
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