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Gravit Designer
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Hi, we met again on this website. And today usually will share about Free Software. I will share something that is related to Photo Editor Software for PC Free. And of course free is not always fully free. Some software is free to use but it has a limitation of use. You could use it for a certain time. By using it as a trial, you could examine how good and beneficial your work is in modifying the image. Gravit Designer is the name of that software.

I have been installed several Photo Editor Software on my computer and used them. One of them is Gravit Designer. When I was using it the first time, it is not hard to learn and use this software. I am so curious about this software. Just like other software this software has several tools. But not all tools show on this software. I have the assumption that may be because of using the trial version. But I think that is ok, at least I could try it.

When opening the software for the first time, it will show several items of new design template to modify your picture or image size such as Printer printing size, Web/Desktop size, Social Media with Banner or post size, Device with a device type of smartphone, and etc.

This software is also the supports a new design template that already brings on this software. You could choose a template as you want and then you edit it just like the picture below. As you can see that there more than 5 template you could pick and then put the picture or image in that template.

Photo Editor Software with Gravit Designer
Photo Editor Software with Gravit Designer

This software has a unique shape on a library that does not have another similar software. In the library, there are several items besides shape, such as icons, emojis, stickers, frames, lines and etc.

Update Date
System RequirementsWindows, macOS, and Linux
LicenseFree Trial
Downloads for All OSDownload


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