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pinta photo editor
pinta photo editor


For many people that have been traveling to the world, the best way to memorize the beautiful moment is taking picture of the place. Yeah, so do I. I am also doing the same. I will take a picture when going to the beautiful place. And also take a picture of unique too such as food, and also others. Just like the others, sometimes there are several issues that take place in the pictures. Not always pictures that we shoot getting the best result pictures. And maybe we want to add some text to the pictures. And for myself, I like to add text to my pictures. I have an alternative free app to do that jobs. Pinta Photo Editor is the name of that app.

Maybe other people have claimed that free Photo Editor such as Pinta Photo Editor just has limited features. And, that is true. But this is will help people that do not have a lot of money to modify their own photos. And if you want to modify yourself, just try this software. It will help you to improve your editing your image skill if you are a beginner. The features of this software are not many compare with the similar of Free Photo Editor Application.


For me, Pinta Photo Editor Application is recommended for Beginners like me. It could be a basic step to improve skills in editing photos or images. This App is very simple to use, and just like another photo or image editor, there are several main items on this software such as Tools, Layers, and also History. Those main items will show on the screen as the default work template. With simple features, it will more simple to use other modifications such as effects, Adjustment color, etc.

edit with pinta photo editor
edit with pinta photo editor


If you are a professional photo editor, it will not be recommended to use this app. Because this app brings fewer items or tools to modify the photo or images.

Update Date
System RequirementsWindows, macOS, and Linux
LicenseFree Trial
Downloads for All OSDownload


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