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Hello visitor, today I am gonna share a beautiful software that is related to images. Some people have experienced image or photo issues. And want to restore or repair the photo. The solution to solve that problem is using software or application. And today I want to share free software again. LunaPic Editor is the name of that software. Not like other software, this app is using the online method.

We could say there is no need for download and instalation. Just go to the official website and then drop your photo or image on it, and then modified according to your will.


This app is so amazing besides it could use online, this software has also many items that support it. is very helpful in the modification of the image. It is so simple too. And just like another image or photo editor software. Lunapic Editor has regular tools that frequently use for editing images or pictures. Such as Trim, Text, Paint bucket, paint tool, Eraser and etc.

When I use this software for the first time, It reminds me of editing Images with GIMP as a tool that usually use for editing my images on my computer. And I am so interested in this software. although it has no special with frontpage on this software, the features are very amazing (according to my opinion).

And another amazing feature of this software is animation. This software could create an animation image just like a GIF extension.


Honestly, I am impressed by this software. Without any download and installation of this software, it could work smothly. But there is an issue that could be fixed. The issue is related to the internet connection. When the internet connection to the Lunapic is down or not connected, prepared to be panic.

Your image editing process will get interrupted and may be lost. And that could make you frustrated. So, before you do the job of editing an image, make sure your internet connection is excellent.

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