Flowblade Video Editor Software

Flowblade Video Editor
Flowblade Video Editor

This time I will share with you something that is related to video editing software. As usual, always share free software and you could use any worries about the use and installation. Flowblade Video Editor Software is the name of this app. Flowblade video editor is one of the best video editors with a free license. I am so interesting to use this software is because I am curious about this software.

I am searching for this software and may need to be review. This software is one of the best free video editors with free and could get good results. I am so like to search and learn and about free software. Maybe this software could help me as an alternative way to create or edit my video.

This is just for comparing to another similar software which has the same function. Basically, almost all the features on Flowblade already exist on other software such as Add media, Render, and others. For me as a beginner, this software is a little complicated.

Flowblade add image
Flowblade add image

Honestly, I am confusing about putting the video files. Because usually to add or get video files through add button. I am confusing on put the video files on it. With this software, you could add video files with right-click on the media menu to create a video project.


And there is something that you must know about this software. It has several good features such as:

  1. There are so many encoding format on rendering process.
  2. It support almost all video format
  3. Many video Effect that you could add on the video project
  4. And just like another video editor, this software is also have trim or Cut function.
  5. The important part of from all video editor software is Timeline that has function to place video, sound and effect


  1. Need extra time to master it this App
  2. Only Support Linux Operating System.
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System RequirementsLinux
Downloads for UbuntuDownload


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