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Wallpaper Manager
Wallpaper Manager


Do you like to manage your wallpaper on your computer? if you are really like it, just follow it on this website. You could read it first before you download it and then installed it on your computer. Wallpaper Manager is the name of this application. This software is very amazing because there is so much wallpaper that supports it. This software could manage pictures and images that have sources from pixabay. With the categories function, we could find images or pictures that we want. So many categories that support this software. for me, I like nature categories.

I am using wallpaper manager, to search for pictures that are related to nature with the purpose to collect them on my PC. It could help without wasting time searching on the internet. sometimes I am still confusing when searching the pictures on condition there is not enough connection internet at my home. So, the action to solve the problem with the poor connection or maybe not connected the internet is installed, wallpaper Manager. And for your information all the images of this app related to pixabay (one of the most famous images websites)


  1. So many pictures that shown on this software
  2. The Categories will help user to search the images
  3. This software have light weight size
  4. There are so many subscription on each image.
  5. Is simple to use
  6. And also this software is free to download


When I use this software there is an issue that is related to the image. the image does not show all. Only several images show on this app. And the problem is because there is no connection to the internet. When there is no internet connection, the images are not all shown. This App just works smoothly when there is an internet conection.

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System RequirementsLinux
Downloads for UbuntuDownload


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