What is Scratch Desktop

Scratch Desktop

For several days I have to try to search for alternative software to create animation. I am keeping to try learning about animation that could be my hobby too. And maybe I could teach my children about animation. And I have found free another software that could be good to improve kids’ brains. I and You could find and download it from the internet. Scratch Desktop is that software name. I like this software because no need for experience to learn. This software is just using the word that has been supporting and then put on the template. After that, the animation view will show on the screen.

Is Very Easy and Useful

Sometimes there is a question that shows about the uses. “How to use Scratch for the beginning for the beginner?” or maybe “Is this hard or easy to use Scratch?“. The first answer to the first question is, you could follow the tutorial on Scratch itself, or maybe you could search on the internet. Then for the second answer to the second question is not hard. I have tried this software as a beginner and feel easy and so comfortable.

What is Benefit from this software

When I installed and then using this software, there are several benefits that I could resume

  1. This software could be installed on your computer and could be directedly used online
  2. It have support many background
  3. Also have many picture that you could use for animation.
  4. There are several Version that support almost Operating System
  5. And there are many Item of text that you could play as replacemen of coding
  6. The last one this software is free but you could donate several money to improve of this software.
  7. When teach to the kids it takes, not taking long time to understand
Update DateJanuary 2, 2019
System RequirementsWindows, Mac OS and Linux
Download For WindowsDownload
Downloads for Mac OSDownload
Downloads for UbuntuDownload


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