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Hello visitor, welcome to my site. Today I want to share again software that is related to capture the movement of the computer screen. And again, I will share about free software that you could use without any worry about purchased or maybe with limited periods of use. This software is called Blue Recorder. Just like the name of this software, it has a blue icon or logo color. When I try to install is look very simple design but it could bring amazing function about Video and Audio Recording.


When I try to install this software on my computer is not taking much time. It just takes a minute to install. And when run it, it just shows on the screen simple design of software and of course with a simple feature and also another item that brings on that programs. You just picked two methods that you will use for capturing the movement of your screen. The two methods are Select Window and Select Area. The select windows method is a fullscreen of your computer capture.

The recording button is on the left top position, this makes that it have simple and also to use. And for the capture of the movement storage is also clearly show on it. You could change the storage place if you want.  For the beginner, of course, this software will help to record the computer screen movement.  And for me that already know about this software is very helpful.


Of course each capturing process or recording process, there is a file format that you must choose to play on the video player software. When I installed this software, it has supported six file video formats. It is not bad for free software that supports more than five video formats.


Ok, I really like this software as an alternative to do any capturing of the computer screen process. But I am still wondering where is the paused button. Maybe I assumed that this software is still more needs improvement. This will minus value for this software. But for all, this software is very good. and if you want to try it just download it from this table below.

Update Date-
System RequirementsUbuntu
LicenseGNU General Public License
Download For Windows-
Download For MAC OS-
Download For LinuxDownload


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