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For you that have hobbies of creating a video or capturing your computer screen, you should try this software. This software is very easy to use and no need for special skills to master it. Just open this software and learn the instruction that already brings on this software. This software is called Apowersoft Screen Recorder. This program just has little take space of the PC storage when you installed it. Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a simple screen recorder for beginners and also professionals.

Apowersoft screen recorder
Main menu of an Old Apowersoft Screen Recorder version


Apowersoft Screen Recorder has several main features. The first is the recording of the screen and the second one is for the webcam.  I like the feature that is offered on this software. And also this software is easy to use. I have been using this software for more than 2 years using an old version of Apowersoft Screen Recorder. This version has simple red button color. And then setting button there main button recording process.

First is the Stop function with have shortcut button (Ctrl+F10), then second is Pause/Resume with a shortcut button (Ctrl+F7), and then last on is Show/Hide Recording Toolbar (Ctrl+Alt+E). Then for the screen resolution of Recording is offered in many sizes and the last one is the format type of recording. The format of Recording is not little, It support until more than five video format. And I think this software is suitable for people that do not have experience with audio and video creators/editors.

Menu settings on old Apowersoft screen recorder
Setting Menu on Old Apowersoft
Type of Video Conversion



And honestly, this software is really really easy and so comfortable to use. But, there is something minor about this software. This software could not edit directly, so if you have been saved your screen recording result and then want to edit it, you must install third-party software to do it.


for the update, this software is really awesome. when I read on the official website, this software could record screens online. And so many other features of Apowersoft that are offered online that you can get.

Update Date-
System RequirementsWindows
LicenseFree and Trial Version
Download For WindowsDownload
Download For MAC OS-
Download For Linux-


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