Everyone that have work with computer is usually connected to the printer, especially that related with design or may be related with printing. Printing is really help people to get result of hard-copy on paper.  Of course there are a lot of printer that have been today. There are so many printer that you choose. And for my jobs my company has been choose HP as the main printer. And this time I will share you about old HP LASERJET 1320 DRIVER.

I just want to share about this, because i have been use this printer so long and the printer is still work.

This printer is using heat that using laser as the trigger to force the content of the toner out to the paper. And as you know this laser technology is only support for black printing (not support color printing) .

This old printer is also have monitoring of the toner use that will could help the user on maintaining the toner it self. Toner is a really important item that must be monitor, if the toner is empty it will ruin your work.

Another unique about this printer is the implementation of web server. This web server is help the user to install the driver and also monitoring of the printer. So you don’t need to download from the internet, just run the web server on the printer and then download the driver. Not only for the driver, this web server is also support for another printer monitoring system such as view printer status information, view and change network configuration.

When I see the all dimension of this printer, this printer is not good enough. Why I could say that? because there is no another features that implemented on this big printer, such as scanner and copy device.


  1. This printer using Heating process which using laser as the heater.
  2. It could printing until 21 pages per minutes.
  3. And not support for color printing, just black printing
  4. Not like other HP printer, this printer is only using one tray to put the papper
  5. For electricity this printer is using low power (less then 6 Watt of power consumption)
  6. It have Wireless technology to connect between computer and the printer it self (1320N).
Update Date-
System RequirementsWindows, MAC OS, and Linux
LicenseFree and Opensource Software
Download For WindowsDownload
Alternatif Download

Download For MAC OSjust type on the Terminal "brew install scrcpy"
Download For LinuxOpen Terminal and then type "apt install scrcpy"



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