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Handbrake video editor

Handbrake video editor

Did you ever experience the issue with your video creation?. I think so many people have ever done some experience with that. That what should you do if you facing it?. I think the answer is to try to fix it. But to fix it is not that easy, even maybe took a long time especially for the beginner. The people that do not good knowledge about audio and video editing with going uncomfortable. People that that do not know anything about how to edit a video or maybe fix it, will get certain software to solve that problem. And of course, the so many audio and video that could the question about how to edit video software’s that has been produced.


And the next question is “How to Edit Video with Free Audio and Video?”. Of course, at this present, there is so much free software that you could use. On this website, I will share with you about audio and video free software’s which really easy to use. This software is called Handbrake. The software name just looks like the part of the car. Using Handbrake video editor also you could fix your video or audio issue easily.

You as a beginner, it will not take a long time to master The Handbrake Software. It could edit the video so easily and also so fast. I like this free software so much. That software is really helping to Edit videos such as video crop, video change size and etc.


When you edit video with handbrake, you will get their formats of video files such as MP4, MKV, and WebM. And the Video Output from this software is really good and there is no issue when running it on the player, that’s is from my experience.


Handbrake video editor is also could do change the resolution of your video, then it could do remove the audio. So you could save the video without audio.

Handbrake Features

Handbrake Features

Just like other software’s, this handbrake software frequently updates to remove the bug and also to get software run smoothly.

That’s all for today see you on my next article

Update Date2020-06-13
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8.1, 10, Mac OS and Linux
LicenseHandBrake is a GPL-licensed
Linux DownloadDownload here
Windows DownloadDownload here
Mac Os downloadDownload Here
Windows PortableDownload Here


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