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On this website I will share you about another free software that absolutely you needed. Especially that related with Editing an audio and video files. This software is called OBS Video Editor or Recording. This software has good features that does not have on other similar software. So many option features that you can get from this software. OBS Video Editor is a free software and open source video recording that could use for creating video. And this software Is also have Streaming Features for live streaming video.

There are several issues for using the several features on this software for the first time I am installing this software. Is need time to mastered this software and also using the features. When you open the first time, the design of this software is not really awesome, but the features is really amazing.

There are part item that will show on your screen, First screen is Preview template or media default of source recording (such as video from webcam, The monitor screen, audio and many else). Scene is the second Item Third item is called Source (source of your video, audio and etc). Fourth Item is Audio Mixer, that consist of Desktop Audio and Mic/Aux. And last part of four item is called Controls. On the Controls Item there are several sub item that may from may opinion that is the main tool. The Control is manage of several function such as Video Recording, Streaming, Studio Mode and also Settings.


When I try to search what kind of video format that could be produced of using OBS Video Recording, There is an issue to do that. Is just little bit hard to find video format tools. Just not like other free software that related with an audio and video, this tool is not simple, especially for generated to another video format. You should go to setting first before you want save on other video formats. And this is little so take a lot of steps. OBS video Recording not have many of Video format, but just like other video Editor, Creator and Recording. This software have famous video Format and that is “mkv” video Format


Is not hard to export the video. You just click on the Start Recording and then the Start Recording Button will change in to Stop Recording and the recording process will run. And if you want to save it just click on the Stop Recording then Stop Recording button will change into Start Recording and the recording files is succeeded save on your computer.


Update Date2020-03-25
System RequirementsWindows, MAC OS, and Linux
LicenseFree and Opensource Software
Download For Windowsdownload Windows
download from Official Site
Download For MAC OSDownload from This site
download from Official Site
Download For Linuxdownload from Official Site


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