Best Linux Video Editing Software with Kdenlive

Hello visitor, On this website i will show and share to you about Best Linux Video Editing Software. So many Best Linux Video Editing Software that you could use for create and also editing your movie. Kdenlive is one of the Best Linux Video Editing software which have free license with have a lot of feature on it. With this tool you could edit video that you have and of course with the best result of video quality.

This software have timeline to put your video or picture and event effect to create a video. Kdenlive using the dark colour for the background template and also using majority white font color. With that combination it look so great software and so attractive.

Basically this software is for KDE (Another version of Linux Operating System), I already installed this software on ubuntu and it work smooth without any issue. And when i see the comment of people that having installed and work with that, say that this software is the closest with adobe premier.


And if you want to use it without installed, just try to use AppImage version of Linux. Using Kdenlive AppImage version,you just click and run that software. But before you use Kdenlive AppImage, make sure that you already change permission (allow executing files as program) Kdenlive AppImage files especially that you have Linux Ubuntu version. If you don’t change the permission ofKdenlive AppImage, it would not run smoothly.

Today kdenlive is support for windows and also for Mac. But there is note from Kdenlive official website about using uninstall process. Especially for the earlier of kdenlive. It say, if user want to uninstall the earlier of Kdenlive is recommended using manual method. Also there are two version of Kdenlive that suppot on windows version, The first is using installation process (install 20.04.1) and the second one is using standalone version (Standalone 20.04.1).

For people that using Mac OS, Packages of Kdenlive already bring on macports Project.

Update Date2020-06-30
Operating SystemWindows, Linux and Mac OS
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload for Windows;
download for Ubuntu;
download for Mac OS;


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