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you could installing and using a lot of free graphic design software from this website on your computer . So many people has been search non paid software including graphic design. And many people using free graphic design software to earn money. Many people finished design project with free graphic design software. Many education using free graphic design software to teach the kids on school. And many effort that people could do using free graphic design software.

for may self i am trying to create design with free graphic design software because is support me to accomplished my jobs. And today i will share about free graphic design software which called name Synfig Studio. When you see this software, the looks and the template similar with other free graphic design software and Paid graphic design software. There are Layer, Zoom tool, Fill Tool, Text tool and others that could describe in here one by one.

There something unique with this software. Beside creating object this free graphic design software have animation feature. It could create moving object such as Animation. So you could animation with happy without any problems with license. Just don’t worry, This software is really free to use. And Of course you could use not only object, but you could add sound or voice at the timeline tools. So I think using combination Moving object and Sound it really awesome result. So you should try to use this software and feel of sensation of free graphic design software with Synfig Studio

For you that want to create a moving animation object that want to share on Youtube, may be you could create that with this software. And for beginner may be not have some several time to mastered of this software.

And the latest information about this software confirm that there are several improvement of handle the bugs. The Latest version about this software is using 1.3.14 version

Update Date
Operating SystemWindows, Linux and Mac OS
LicenseFree for Linux
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload for Windows7;
download for Ubuntu;
download for Mac OS;


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