free graphic design software with LeoCAD

Another free graphic design software that I want to share on this website is about design that using Lego shape picture or model as item to create certain object, such asĀ  house, car, bridge. This software is so unique. Why I am say this software is unique, because it using item that different from others. I have already installed on Linux on Ubuntu. This application is useful for certain user especially for kids. Because this software using Picture of Lego Models to create amazing object that familiar with toy such as Lego.

Kids will happy when using this software, because is just like Lego toy. The basic using of this software is put and replace of Lego Models to create an object that user want. It have almost 10.000 different part of Lego Model that you could use.

With this software, your kids will motivated to more and more active to increasing their brain thinking process. I think this is not just a tool for design, but is also to help kids to transfering their drawing hobby on the computer.

And for the beginner is not easy to using it for the first time, need times to learn and really master it. But to get more fast to know learning and mastering with this software you could read the tutorial. It have basic guide to use on learning with this application.

For software that using free license this is so amazing. This will be help people that does not have a lot of money to buy similar with this software.


  1. using free license
  2. Using 3D Models of Lego
  3. There is several Feature of 3D design software such as 3d Viewpoint
  4. There is camera view
  5. Using Drag and Drop for Put and Replace of the 3D Lego Models
Update Date
Operating SystemWindows, Linux and Mac OS
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload for Windows7;
download for Ubuntu;
download for Mac OS;


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