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Many people creating programs in this century. The personal programmers, company programmers, or maybe a community of programmers always try to create software that could help humans. there are so many people using free software. Certain People using free drawing software for design, design creating movies and etc.

Many people avoid using paid drawing software. People which using free drawing software is looking comfort compare with computer user that using paid drawing software. Computer users pick free drawing software because the feature on it is almost similar to the paid version.

I think when people using free software there is no worry about the license. It just uses and installs on the computer and then uses it. But honestly we better support little donation for the creator. One of the free software that I want to share on this site is talking about Pencil2d. For an adult, I think this tool cannot support maximum with the work that related design.

However, this software is very useful for children. As a parent, This software could be a way to transfer kids’ hobby especially those who like drawing. With this kids has been using this tool frequently, the kids will be getting better and better to create object or picture without any difficulty.


pencil 2 free drawing software
pencil 2d drawing software

Just like another drawing application, it has the same several features as other drawing applications. And another thing that may be could be attractive to kids is about features. This software contains several layers that consist of bitmap layer, vector layer, and also camera layer


I think pencil2d is good for your kids that have a hobby of drawing pictures. It is Lightweight and easy to use so your kids can concentrate on drawing objects or pictures. This software is compatible with Mac, Linux, and also Windows Operating systems.

Update Date
Operating SystemWindows, Linux and Mac OS
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload for Windows7 above;
download for Windows Xp below;
download for Linux 64 bit;
download for Linux 32 bit;
download for Mac OS;



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