Graphic Design Drawing app with mtPaint

If you a parent that have children which like graphic design drawing hobby on computer, you have to support your children to transfer that hobby using graphic design drawing app. So many graphic design drawing app that has been produced in the world. One of that software is called mtPaint.

This application represents Mark Tyler’s enhancement of Microsoft Paint. In addition to BMP; TIFF; JPG or PNG bitmap images the program also enables you to save short movies as animated GIFs. For a new picture you have to select from Indexed Palette, 24 bit RGB mode and Grayscale.

Then you have to string together one pixel to the next until a picture is produced … Well, with mtPaint it’s not as laborious as this! After all, the program is well equipped with many tools. Which of the more than 80 paint brushes do you want to use? Which of all the pixel patterns fits best? With [Edit] – Choose Brush or Choose Pattern you access the corresponding window.

On the screen, you are able to manage your work very exactly using the arrow keys to move the cursor from pixel to pixel. mtPaint provides further features with Effects, Masks, Channels, among others. Especially for animated GIF’s you will have to use several layers. In ‘Set Key Frame’ you determine the time interval of the frame display; other parameters are defined in ‘Configure Animation’ in the Layers menu. “Grab Screenshot” takes a photo of the present screen content and uses it as the background for a new picture. The included English language manual in HTML introduces you to world of pixel art.

This software is not hard to use and for Kids is recommended which has drawing hobby. And also this software has a lot of feature and it has using free version so automatically you can use as long as you want.

Update Date
Operating SystemWindows, Linux
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download for Linux;
Download from this linkdownload for Windows;
download for Linux;


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