Electric Sheep Screensaver

What is Electric Sheep Screensaver

Did you often see several computer that have been use, sometime show moving picture when the computer is standby condition. We can do the same thing to our computer. And on this website I want to share with about screen saver software. It known as Electric Sheep Screensaver. This screensaver using combination and light, and when you see the art of that screen saver is so beautiful.

According from the website, This software has been used many computer user in the world. When these computers is in sleep position, the Electric Sheep saver shows on the monitor and the computers communicate with every other by the network from internet to share the work of making morphing abstract motion pictures which is known as “Sheep”.

Electric Sheep conjures chaotic structures similar to clouds onto your screen. The particular thing about this screensaver is that it collects this colored animations from other processors.

As soon as it starts, the connected server calculates the animation of a new ‘sheep’ in the background. Every 15 minutes, this new dream structure is distributed to the connected processors.

Do you like especially one of these animations? With the arrow-up-key you cause a positive evaluation. The more positive evaluations a new ‘sheep’ receives, the longer it stays on the screen.

Of course, you also can “punish” a ‘sheep’ with the arrow-down-key. Introduce any nickname in the settings. In the field “Max diskspace used by flock” you enable the hard disk memory. The higher the number, the more animations can be collected and displayed. The level of the frame rates can be adjusted to the capacity of your PC if needed.

Update Date
Operating SystemWindows
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload for Windows;
Download from this linkdownload for Windows;
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