How to Keep Data Secure with Areca-Backup


Areca is one of the many back-up software of the files which could be implemented Famous Operating System such as Windows and Linux. It make backup duplicates (that could be compressed and also encrypted) of your files and save them on external drives such as pen drives, FTP servers, USB drive or may be external hard-drive. So in this site I will share you “How to Keep Data Secure” With Areca and download it.

How to Keep Data Secure with areca

How to Keep Data Secure with areca

With Areca you are able to create several backup projects in order to have important files backed. First, you have to create a new group in your Workspace. Then, with “New target”, open a new window with where the backup order is created actually. In the main area you enter an appropriate project name. In the “Local Repository” you must enter the respective path which also could refer to a FTP server.

How Areca Work

How Areca Work

The “Sources” area is designated for the folder which has to be backed. In doing so, Areca takes into account all sub-directories. If needed, the project can be described. Also you determine at this point whether the files are to be compressed in encrypted form and if they are to be packed into a ZIP package.

Using a filter it is possible to exclude, for instance, certain file types from the backup. You are able to simulate the backup in the Run menu initially. Then, start the actual backup once the project settings are correct and activate the “Incremental backup” if after the first backup only the modifications in the source folder are to be backed. With “Recover” in the Run menu you are able to restore backed files.

All accomplished backups are listed right hand. “Archive detail” is opened with a double click. Thereby you are able to see which files are existing in a packed backup file. Areca does not offer an automatic time controlled backup, yet. The program presumes the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher.

Update Date2015-08-26
Operating SystemWindows , Linux and Macintosh
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload for Windows;
download for Linux;
download for Mac OS;


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