how to keep data secure with KeePass



With KeePass you are able to administrate, generate and copy your passwords. First of all, it makes sense to protect the program from the unauthorized access of third parties. For this purpose you provide each new data bank with a master key or a master password respectively. With all password that you have it will make you sometimes could not remember one by one password which have you create.

For even more security the master key can be stored on an external medium like, for instance, a USB stick. You should assign the passwords or rather access data to appropriate categories which you can create and edit for convenience. After opening a window for a new entry you have the opportunity to deposit the complete access data which you may need, for instance, for the login to a chat.

If there does not exist one yet, you can have a password created by KeePass. KeePass considers valid each entry up to the point in time that you have transferred to the designated columns. The data can be transferred by Drag & Drop or by a detour via clipboard onto an online form.

However, it works out much faster with the auto-type function which copies all data of an entry and assigns them to the corresponding fields by designated tabulators. You will find more information about that in Help under Features Descriptions – Auto-Type. Further features are the export of the data bank to the formats TXT, HTML, XML or CSV, the password search function and the printing of a password list.


May be there is question about “Is this KeePass using Free license?”. When I read from the official website that has been noted that this software is free. I have been trying this free software and there is something interesting about this software. It have an icon of category folder.

There is two kinds of KeePass of using on your computer. First version is using installation and the second one is using portable version. This software will give security from unattended accessing of your files.

Update Date2020-04-15
Operating SystemWindows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (each 32-bit and 64-bit), Mono (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD.)
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload for Windows 64 Bit;
download for Windows 32 Bit;
download for Windows Portable;
download for Linux;
download for Mac OS X 10.13 or a more latest version;
download for Mac OS X 10.12


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