free audio editor Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS)

In the area of an audio, there are lots of very suitable free software for that handling of sound files, composition of midi music, management of beats and rhythms along with the development of audio effects. But you can find only little tools that capable of manage many of these aspects. One of them is LMMS ( Linux Multimedia Studio ) which allows you to record digital audio, arrange, modify and combine it.

This pattern based program  enables you to manage some audio sections along with sound files to set up a melody. Neither the various tools, nor the functions are missing. A melody, beat and bassline editor have reached your disposal in addition to a FX mixer, piano roll, midi support, diverse software synthesizer etc. .


About the structure with this program: TheMelody editor  provides the playlist using its different tracks  plus a toolbar. With the second button bar you may also get in touch with or hide Beat+Bassline Editor, Piano-Roll, Automations Editor and FX-Mixer respectively. Left side inside the processing area, you will find the project and sample browser.

You could begin using the composition  of your simple beat. In the “My samples” browser you open  one of many folders and transfer  a number of the samples  for the Beat+Bassline Editor with a double click. You manage a steps by clicking a grey button which afterwards became green. This way  you are able to manage diverse sound files using the desired entrances without an excessive amount of effort. After a click the Play button you are going to listen for the result of your composition.

The Audiofile processor  is in charge of envelops, low-frequency oscillators and filtering  of your sample. The plugin is known as track by select a sample name inside the Beat+Bassline Editor. The sound spectrum  may be extended among other things through the entrance of instruments, software synthesizers like Triple Oscillator and also the use of VST and LADSPA effects on any audio track. LMMS is  capable of import MIDI and RIF files. You can change in to WAV or OGG with your results combination . The program language is place in \LMMS…\data\locale.

In this example, we could change German language to English. Using de.qm extension could change language in to German.  And en.qm is use to English Language. With deleting de.qm and Rename en.qm to de.qm. LMMS would now load en.qm as de.qm and you’ve got now English text inside your LMMS installation.

I think you should to try this software that may be use to create an video on youtube too.

Update Date2019-10-21
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Macintosh
Link To Download from Official Websitedownload Windows 64 Bit;
download Linux 64 Bit;
download for Macintosh
Download from this website (windows)download for Linux
Download from this website (Linux)download for Linux
Download from this website (Macintosh)download for Macintosh
System RequirementsCPU: 1.5 GHz x86, x86_64, or ARM-based CPU with 2 cores; Memory 1 GB



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