analyse disk space with HDgraph


As a people that always use computer as hardware to work with, do you have noticed about “analyse disk space”. Not many computer user care about this, they just care about how to maximize computer on the work. For some people there care about disk health or analyse disk space. And to make simple to monitoring or analyse disk space is automatically using software. With software, Hard drive can be monitoring well. There also many software that could analyse disk space such as software that you could download from this site. This software is called HDgraph.


This software will analyse disk space of HDD in Pie Graph with several remark. Also on this software you could save result of analyzing the HDD. This software could show free space on root.

The hard disk analysis program uses ostensive graphics to show how much disk space individual drives are consuming. With ‘Directory to analyze’ you first have to select the drive or the folder which has to be analyzed. After a short while the directories and their sizes are displayed in a pie chart.

In ‘Drawing Options’ you are able to minimize or to amplify the chart. If wanted, HDGraph can be integrated into the Explorer context menu (Tools – Explorer Integration). There, click on ‘Draw space with HDGraph’ to have HDGraph readout the corresponding directory.

In the context menu of the pie chart you open a folder of your file manager. Moreover, here you are able to erase directories and their sub-directories permanently. So they are not moved to the recycle bin. This function must be activated first by ticking ‘Allow to delete folders from the right clic menu’ (Tools – Options). Each pie graphic can be saved as a hdg file or exported as a png image. If the program does not start, you will need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

Update DateAugust 11th, 2015
System RequirementsWindows
Link To DownloadDownload for Windows


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