how to keep your data private with data crow

Follow the slogan “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and archive your books, software, Audio CDs, music files, film collections and contact addresses. How to transfer, for instance, the data of an audio-CD? Mark the module Audio CDs and click on Item Wizard. Enter a keyword, for example a pseudonym. You could save on a software that called “Data Crow“. With this software this could answer the question about “how to keep your data private?” .


This keyword will be used for scanning online data banks like Amazon. Mark the selected album, and click on Open. Now, you will receive a survey of all data that have been found and can be modified or completed as you like. In the rating area you may impart from 1 up to 10 stars to an entry. When searching for books (Amazon) and film titles (Amazon) Data Crow also accesses online data banks. The search function only scans the data of the active module! The tool compiles reports of the stored entries, which are transferred to a HTML- or a PDF file. If the set-up program does not start, you will need additionally the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher.

This software is so cool because it could manage files such as Audio, Image, Video, Software, Script, E-Book or May be Documents such as Spreadsheet, Word, Or Presentation. This software is look like not easy to use, but when you have already understand it it will easy to manage your all files. But for beginner, I recommend to follow the instruction of automatic tutorial after you installed on your computer.

You could create some detail information about files that you save as catalogue, that might help you to search files that you looking for on the internet or may be on your computer.

To use and download this software make sure that you have Java on your computer. Why I could say that because this software need java to installed on your computer. And when I was open and run this software and then I saw java icon appear for the first time when you installed on your computer.

If just wanna try and also used, youd could download at this table below:

Update Date
System RequirementsWindows, Mac and Linux
Link To DownloadDownload for Windows
Link To DownloadDownload other windows


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