digital photo album software (Album Shaper)

If you have photo that want to keep on your computer, you could save your old and present photo with digital photo album software. And so many digital photo that has been develop in this world. You could use digital photo album software with buy or free version. And on this website i will share about digital photo album software with free version. This software is called Album Shaper.

Present the photos of your vacation in an album which you can make accessible to others in Internet. AlbumShaper divides the album in different collections in order to arrange the pictures thematically. The image formats PNG and JPG can be imported. So, a picture collection may be called “Lake Garda” or another “Trient”. Then, you are ready to handle the pictures. However, the program offers only a few standard tools to do so. This is why we recommend rather a program like Gimp for the handling of the pictures. After sequencing the photos, choose one as cover picture for the album and the collection.

In order to do so, you click onto the photo with the right mouse button and choose the wanted function. To generate the album, go to “save” in the file menu. Now you have to decide on one of the album models like metallic, slick or radiant and then finish the process with a click on the save button. If you are well versed with Stylesheets, you can design your own album models which must be stored in the sub-folder “themes”.

This software is very simple to use just add your old or present photo on the Organize template by pressing Add Photo Button in the bottom position. After You press that button your picture or photo will appear on the Organize template. Then you could save it.


I have been try this software and the feature not bad. You could see your photo or picture that has been saved on  Album Shaper using browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. When you see your photo or picture it will show  Next and Previous button that could help you navigate your photo image
Update Date
System RequirementsWindows,Mac and Unix
Link To DownloadDownload for Windows
Link To DownloadDownload for Linux
Link To DownloadDownload for Mac


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