hp laserjet p1102w driver

hp laserjet p1102w driver

I have seen a lot of printer has been created and also use for human kind. There so many option that we could choose and also use it. And this time i will share about one printer that has been used in my office. The printer that used on my office use a famous brand name. And the famous brand name that has been created printer is HP (Hewlett-Packard Company).  When there is event like seminar, i bring this printer. That printer model series is HP P1102w Series. This Printer bring with black color. Before you start and using this printer the first thing to do is you must downloan “HP Laserjet P1102W driver” on your computer. You should really focus when you download this “HP Laserjet P1102W driver” because not always we download that driver is going smoothly on installation process because the files is so big. So I recommend you to make sure that you have good internet connection when you download “HP Laserjet P1102W driver”.


There is also another type that similar with that type. That type using “HP Laserjet P1102” series, and this printer have with white color of body. Another difference between HP Laserjet P1102 and HP Laserjet P1102W is WiFi Hardware. HP Laserjet P1102 is without WiFi connection to connect on PC or other device and For HP Laserjet P1102W using WiFi to Connect to other Device. But all of that different printer model using same printing method. Those printer using laser method to print out the result on the paper.


hp laserjet p1102w printer

hp laserjet p1102w printer

Because this printer using laser so for printing this type of printer is using toner cartridge as a source which contain black powder and combination with heat to print on the paper. So we could say that black powder will stick on the paper because of the heat.


I have been used this kind of printer almost 5 years. The first, I am say that this printer is good to print regular printing but for special case this printer is cannot process printing on certain paper with certain thickness such as certificate paper. And the second my opinion about this printer is only use for black color and it make that this printer is more not useless for other jobs. Imagine, if this printer could using color toner cartridge it will have more valuable for me and also other user to do more jobs that related with color printing.

Both printer is also have support USB connection too. This USB connection is main connection to connect to other device. HP Laserjet P1102 and HP Laserjet P1102W have specification just like on the table below:

Printer Spesification Details
Printing QualityTrue 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi) for text and graphics
Print speed: Letter sizeLetter: Up to 19 pages per minute
A4: Up to 18 pages per minute
First page outAs fast as 8.5 seconds
Duplex printing (printing on both sides of paper)Manual duplexing

and more details about the specification for download and also requirement just check on the table below:

Update Date-
System RequirementsWindows, Linux and OS X
Link To Download Windows Download
Link To Download OS MacDownload
Link To Download LinuxDownload


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