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For PHP programmer there is one software that important to installed on their computer. This software helping programmer to run the program that have been created which related with the database. This software is called Xampp. I have been used it for almost then 5 years. I am using it, because is very easy to connected to my PHP code and also it have items that i like too. Usually it used for connected to online website. This software has been help me to manage data and also help me on connecting my program and my database. Xampp is helping me improving my program especially for managing my big database. I like Xampp because it have several tools that could run together. That tools are Apache web server which have function to create virtual web server and the other tools is called phpmyadmin that have function to manage database.

This tool has always improve their features to keep alive and also supporting for programmer that need balancing improvement of the program that has been created or may be have been update. And today new version Xampp has been released, and that version is 7.4.1. Another benefit that I like from this software is using free license. So I could use with comfort and more happy to develop my program. And when I read from the official website, today It also support for New Xampp-VM for OS X.


After it download on your computer, and then the next step is installed it. After you done with installing and then run it, and go the browser and then type localhost. When localhost has been type you will see “Welcome to XAMPP” page dashboard. and that indicates that Apache Server has been work smoothly. Just as information that Xampp Web server default port work on 80. And sometimes several programmer has changed of default port using port with their own. For example, I am usually using port of Xampp Web Server with 8080. There is reason, why many programmer has changed their default port of Xampp Web Server. And another indication that It is already run on the PC is by showing the icon of this software on the right bottom on the PC.

FEATURES OF NEW XAMPP (7.4.1-0 Version)

New Xampp

Xampp version 7.4.1

PHP 7.4.1
Apache 2.4.41
MariaDB 10.4.11
Perl 5.16.3
OpenSSL 1.1.1d (UNIX only)
phpMyAdmin 5.0.0



According from the official website, we could see that to edit default configuration to the user wanted it suggest to use text editor software. There are a lot of text editor software in the world. Such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, Notepad, DreamWeaver, Netbeans and etc. After you have found one and then installed onto the PC then the next steps is edit configuration of Xampp such as Apache Port, PHPMYADMIN port, or may be username and password to access Database on PHPMYADMIN Database. As I told in the description above that I am always modify of default port of Apache (because it will conflict with other program that already installed in my computer).


Sometimes your configuration could make issue on Running It. When the issues show, then fixed by undo your configuration into default setting. Just remember if you have already change this software configuration then saved it but don’t closed the text editor. Leaved it open in any case something trouble appear when you running It and then you could undo your configuration back to default setting.

Update Date2019-12-27
System RequirementsWindows, Linux and OS X
LicenseOpen Source (GPL)
Link To Download Windows 64 Bit64 Bit
Link To Download Linux 64 Bit64 Bit
Link To Download Linux 64 Bit64 Bit


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