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Iron Browser is often a privacy-oriented browser built to give you a secure option to the most popular Google Chrome. The program is easy-to-use Internet browser eliminates usage tracking as well as other privacy-compromising conditions that affect people who use Google Chrome. You can Download software Iron browser from the official website. But for alternative You might download software Iron browser in this website.

The program is founded on the free source code Chromium and utilizes the most up-to-date version from the Web-Kit rendering engine. SRWare Iron (Iron Browser) is really a welcome addition for just about any privacy-conscious Internet user.

In essence, SRWare Iron (Iron Browser) and Google Chrome is the same browser. Iron performs equally as fast, but includes a group of innovative features and privacy options which are not contained in Google Chrome, say for example a built-in ad blocker, a user-agent, and 12 preview thumbs (Chrome only has eight preview thumbs). Chrome’s built-in PDF Viewer and also the bundled Adobe Flash Player usually are not a part of Iron. Many users declare that this browser uses less memory than Google Chrome. In addition, you are able to install and make use of all with the themes and extensions readily available for Google Chrome.


Iron Browser is awesome program has several great features built to produce an enjoyable and secure browsing experience. Some of its key characteristics include:

• Task manager
• Built-in ad blocker
• Bookmarks and history manager
• Integrated password manager
• Multiple user profiles
• Loads pages fast
• Clean interface
• High performance
• High reliability
• Enhanced security
• User friendly
• Uses less memory
• Customization options
• Offers support for extensions


The web-developers who created Iron Browser declare that this Internet browser does not have any problems at privacy and security.

Iron Browser also directly imports all data from Chromium when installed. Users could install 3rd party applications so that you can boost the browser’s functionality. You could customized Themes and color with easily.

This advanced browser could disable functions for example the URL-Tracker and block ads from specific websites. Download Software Iron Browser is readily available for Linux, Mac, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Users can download this program from your developer’s website.

When you utilize Iron Browser, the browser won’t submit any information to Google about errors, failures along with other issues that many affect your connection experience. If you desire to load your selected browser settings and access them from any location, you are able to register directly along with your Google account using the Iron Synchronization feature. Packed with safety measures, Iron Browser is the ideal option for people who need to maintain their privacy on-line. You could enabled customized that free internet browser according to your own needs


Update Date2019-03-22
System RequirementsWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,Windows 10
Link To Downloaddownload
Link To Portable Downloaddownload2


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