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Hello, today I want to share about software that related with encryption again. It call PWGen. I think not much computer user know about this software.  Just like another encryption software, this tool have function to protect data with strong security. This software has ability to encrypt data and Decrypt data. We can see that program have six icon menu that have different function. on the first left icon is load, create and delete files. second icon from the left is generated password based on a master password.

What is PWGen?

I have read from the official website. It say that, PWGen is a professional password generator software which have ablity to generate large amounts of cryptographically-secure of passwords. It uses a technique that call “random pool”  which based on high cryptography to generate random data from device user inputs (mouse handling,keystrokes) and volatile system parameters. Basically PWgen is created with C++ Programming language with combination of borland Builder 6. The source of code package contains instructions for compiling and building the PWGen executable. And when you installed this program, the files that has been installed will store on program files  (e.g., C:\Program Files\PWGen).

Features of this software

  • This software is Free to use. It work on Windows and Linux ubuntu. I have using this software on Ubuntu and it work smoothly.
  • It use and Full of Unicode support. Keep in your mind that you have also need a suitable font to display Unicode characters. TrueType and OpenType fonts can contain more than 65,536 characters, but most fonts on Windows contain of the first 65,536 Unicode characters. You can use Windows’ character map utility (charmap.exe) to evaluate the fonts on your system with respect to the characters contained in the font files.
  • This software is easy to use, Just download and then extract where you want to place to execute it. And then find execute the file that have extension with .exe
  • It using  (AES, SHA-2) to generate random data for strong-quality passwords
  • It have a lot of password options with several reasons
  • This software have ability in Generation of large amounts of passwords at once process
  • It have portable version. So with this version you just click on execution the file with .exe extension and then that program will show.
  • And this software capable to create Pattern-based password generation (formatted passwords) provides nearly endless possibilities to customize passwords to the user’s needs
  • and also it have ability to create security with text encryption

Latest Update of PWgen

PWgen from the beginning is released on 2009-05-28 at have version called  PWGen 2.02. PWGen 2.02 features some new “Advanced Password Options” as well as one major bug fix.

And the last update is released on 2016-09-09 and it have version called PWGen 2.9.0. PWGen 2.9.0 features the new option “Specify length” for the “Include words” setting. It permits selecting passphrases that related to a certain length specification: Passphrases not conforming to the specification will be discarded.


Various Types of Passwords

It allows you to generate various types of passwords and passphrases:

  • Classical passwords such as VLyw68JsSq0m
  • Phonetic (pronounceable) passwords such as terweeptoton
  • Passphrases such as khaki cello waxy mecca verdi
  • Formatted passwords / passwords based on patterns:  fP4eM#mAiV2.
  • Hashed passwords such as W4hfOL21K3FYb8Qx
Update Date2016-09-09
System RequirementsWindows 95 OEM Service Release 2, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7,Linux
Link To DownloadDownload all


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