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Hello reader today i want to share about software that related to Hard drive maintenance and also your windows system. I think many computer user does not care about performance of hard drive. And may little user has realize got slow performance on their computer. This happen because of there are no maintenance on their computer. So in this website I just want to discuss about Wise Disk Cleaner Portable. This tool is used for maintenance your computer with several item that supported on it. I have read from the official website, and said that Wise Disk Cleaner securely cleans all files that not use which have effect slow down your computer performance. More often you get your computer turn on and work with you so automatically there will be files such as junk files, temp files and etc.

This software have good display, and beautiful icon button. For Basic display on Wise Disk Cleaner have function to remove all useless files in computer and also trace files in computer. Several thing which this tool remove is related with windows system, Web browser cookies or history, and also application that have been used.

I have just this software by using Wise Disk Cleaner portable version and it work well on windows 7. And i think this software is good for computer user that want to clean and manage data by doing without any help from professional. Is simple to use, just extract file that you have been download from this website then extracted and open folder that contain Wise Disk Cleaner then click on Wise Disk Cleaner application.

Below is several item tool that support on Wise Disk Cleaner

1. Common Cleaner

Common cleaner is have function to clean all file on systems, browser and also multimedia. I think when we looking data from browser it will become trash or history and also there several people called it cookies.

2. Advanced Cleaner

Second Tool is called Advanced Cleaner. It have function to clean more than common cleaner. On this tool there is option to clean hard drive. Just choose  one of your hard drive and then click Scan Button with green color on it.

3. Slimming System

Sliming is show table that you required your action to execute it. And also you can also check list all option to remove files that show on table by pressing Green remove button.

4. Disk Defrag

I think item tool such as disk defrag is old way. Many of computer user known what is called disk defrag. It have function to arrange file and manage it with progress bar on it. And it have help hard drive to performance increasing. But before you do it, first thing to do is pressing analyze green button.

5. Asistance

On this item just show text field list about registering this software to get work full version. Basically this software have shareware version. So, if you want to get full version on using this software you must open your wallet and paid to seller.

Other Settings

When we open this software we can setup manually by pressing screwdriver icon on top left position. On that setup there 4 tab option that bring on it.

Publisherwisecleaner Team & PortableApps.com
Update Date2018-08-31
System RequirementsWindows Vista, 7, 8, 10, XP
Link To Downloaddownload





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