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Hello readers, today I want to share about software that related to protected your computer hard drive. This software is called veracrypt portable. Hard drive is important hardware on computer. Many computer user, ignoring about hardware maintenance including security or protected password. All computer data-data such as file and system is placed on the hard drive. You can imagine, if your computer is hijack by other user. All data in owner compute will take and than used for hijacker. It will so make frustrating for computer owner. If that happened to me, I don’t know what will I am gone do. The last action that I want to do is looking for technician. And then I want that technician to get my all data back to me. All this problem will take so much effort to fix it. I just suggest to all user PC to install software can protect PC including Hard drive such as Veracypt


Veracrypt is a software to encrypt your hard drive which have free license. Automatically this software can be install on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

  1. It could create virtual encryption disk which contain of files and have mount just like real disk.
  2. It have ability to Encrypts part or all entire disk such as hard drive or USB drive
  3. Also this software could create encryption on partition

If you have been installed this software in your computer then next action is try it.

Step 1:

Double click on that icon software, then it will show menu dialog such as picture below.


Step 2:

After software show on your desktop monitor, then click Create Voume Button


Step 3:

Then VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard Dialog Box will show with three option.  In this step you must choose action on that three option on it. After you have choose one, then click Next button.

Step 4:

On this step, Volume type menu dialog will appear and you must choose one of four option that have show on that menu dialog.  And then click Next button to continue next step. See that picture below.

Step 5:

Click select file, and search File that you want to encrypt. After you have choose file that you want to encrypt then press Next button to continue

Step 6:

After step 5, on Veracrypt Volume Creation Wizard will show on our screen warning notification that indicates of void to using executables files such as (exe, sys, dll). And also there two button on it, and they are: Yes button to continue and No Button to cancel of execution. see picture below

Step 7:

For this step it will show of encryption option dialog box which contain of several button especially for Encryption Algorithm that have so many option. And there are 15 Encryption Algorithm that we can choose and used. Encryption Option is also have Hash Algorithm, and it have 4 Option that we can used. And to continue process just click on Next button.

Step 8:

On this step you will input how many size hard drive. And remember Next step or if you want to complete process, you must type what size on your hard drive to encrypt your files. To go next step just press Next button. See picture below.

Step 9:

After step 8 complete, than you will ask for volume password and confirm to continue the process. I suggest to use more 20 character, because it recommended from veracrypt. But if You still insist using less than 20 character, that’s OK. Just press OK button to continue the process.

after Next button press, so warning dialog box will show. It show because our password is less than 20 character. But you can ignored by press Yes button and it will go to next process

Step 10:

Volume Format on veracrypt will show and it have progress bar to processing encryption. And there file system that may be you want to change. File system on Volume Format is using FAT, in this program support 3 file system such as (FAT, NTFS and exFAT). To  process you must click Format, and then notification will show and just press yes button.


Step 11:

And the last step is wait for progress bar that indicates on process have been work well.

For the result it will show notification of  completely process on encrypted the file. And also veracrypt has portable version. With using portable version it will so easy to use. You not necessary to install just copy that file to your computer or laptop and then click icon of the veracrypt that you have been copy to your computer. And for detail you can look at this table below.

Publisher VeraCrypt Team &
Update Date2018-07-30
System RequirementsWindows Vista, 7, 8, 10, XP, Linux and MacOS
LicenseOpen Source (GPL)
Link To Downloaddownload





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