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Hello today I want to share about software that related to image. I think your thinking is same with me, There are so many software that related with image has been developed and created. With so many that have appear on the internet, of course you must pick of them if you want to used it. And this time I choose JPEGView. JPEGView is image editor software that created by David Kleiner and using GNU Licensed. And this mean We can use this software with free without any cost.

Display Without Menu Bar

Basically this software have black screen template without any Context Menu. Context Menu will show on black screen when we click right button on mouse. Beside Context Menu, another notification is show On the black screen, such as Ctrl-V which have function to paste from the clipboard, ctrl-o which have meaning to Open new image or slide show from your local computer. And the last one is, Press esc to exit from the program.

Easy to use with minimum item

For a beginner, this software is easy to use. Just open image file on your computer into that software and then edit image what ever you want. I have been used and try some modification with my image that i have been saved on my computer. I have been modification my picture with so easily. Although this software have minimum of item that show, This software have ability open almost image extension.  There several item that does not show on the black screen on that software. If you move or drag almost to the bottom of dialog box of that software, it will appeared on the black screen just like picture below.

Specification to Installed

I was installed this software on windows 7 with 64 bit. When I run it for the first time in my computer is work smoothly without any problems. This software have tiny sized of download, it have approximately 2 Mega Bytes of download to our computer. I was try using with Portable version, and it work too. If you download portable version it take  2 Mega Bytes of download to our PC using RAR files. I have extract that files and it take 5 Mega Bytes on my hard-disk. JPEGView is also can be installed on windows using 32 bit, because when i extracted on portable version it show 2 version windows.

Shortcut on keyboard

On JPEGView there several shortcut that have function to make more fast from regular way. Using regular way is take more time when you edit on image. Below several keyboard that you can make you more easy to work with it.

Shortcut buttonFunction
ctrl+STo save image that have been edit
ctrl+PIt have function to print
ctrl+RTo Reload Imae
F2Show Image Info
ctrl+F2Show Filename
ctrl+NShow Control Panel
Update Date2018-07-26
System RequirementsWindows 7, 8, 10 & Linux
LicenseGNU License
Link To Downloaddownload



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