Warzone 2100 Portable

What is Warzone 2100?

Today I want to share about software that related with war games. This game is related with strategy games and also categories old games. This game using war battle army and also troops. These game is also have a map just like other strategic games with same categories. You must create your troops and machine war to protect your territory or zone that you have claimed to build a civilization or country. I have been read from the official website which this games have story that humankind has been smashed by nuclear weapon. I can’t imagine what if this could be happened in the real world. Ha…ha..Just don’t remind that. Now, back to game that i want to share in this article. This game is called Warzone 2100. Warzone 2100 can played with multiple user or just one player. If you play with single player, of course your enemy is AI from the computer it self. I could said that because i have read from the official website. Warzone 2010 has been created and developed by Pumpkin Studios. In the beginning this game created to be commercial games, and then in 2004 released with free or Open source.

Spesification of this games

Warzone 2100 can be play on windows 32 or 64 bit version and minimum of windows operating system is windows vista. of course for windows vista above it work smoothly, It will not work if you don’t have any OpenGL. You must installed OpenGL on your system. Another way is, You must upgrade or update your OpenGL. I Have tried to run this game on my computer that have specification for operating system using windows 7. And i have result error that point to OpenGL which must be upgrade. Hemmm… this make me, little disappointed. But, There is something amazing with this games although this is old games, but this games is using better display graphic. This game has minimum 640 x 480 screen resolution.

For minimum hardware requirements are:

Processor: 2 GHz CPU;

Memory of Display: 128 MB;

RAM: 200MB;

HD: 110 MB and up to 1100 MB;

Operating systems using Windows 2000 or higher,  Max OS X 10.5 or Higher, And support for Linux

Cheat code on this Game

I think, so many strategies games that I have been play it will supported with cheat code. And this cheat code on this games is used for get more fast ending of the game. But for user that want to play according rules of the games, this cheat is not used. For Me, playing Warzone 2100 must be used rules of the games. It can give me some challenged and fun for me. To run cheat code, just press enter and then type code and press enter again to execute the cheat code. For access cheat code just click Cheat in here. Just don’t forget for user that used cheat code, using it with properly if you want to run your game with more challenged.


Beside this game is challenged, it also have feature to get this game more attractively. This game have add-on to add more item on the game.

Update Date2016-01-01
System RequirementsWindows 2000 or Higher, Mac OS X 10.5 or Higher, and Linux or BSD
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