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Today I have been installed software that called Winwget. Winwget downlod is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for WGET. This software using Free license user. It Developed and Distributed under GPL License. This software has many function such as monitoring your download, Add, Delete, Clone or Duplicate, and Edit jobs. I have been read from the official website link, it is said that available only on windows operating system. No available for opensource operating system. This can make unhappy for Ubuntu or similar system user.

Winwget Version

Until now there are any update from this software. When I installed and used, only 0.2 version that show on application or their website. I don’t know why this software there are no update yet. When i see on google search, more than 100 people searching for this software. Not only this software, there more than 5 people looking for tutorial for this tool.

Compare with Regular download

When you see and then run it for the first time, it will show two default field to work on it. On the left pane is called Job. On the right one with have wide field is a description of job which have parameter and value properties.  I think this software is very good to use. I has been tried to download file which get almost 150 mega bytes, and there very big different speed and time process downloading with those size. With this software take 6 minutes and 19 seconds to finish download. And with regular way take more longer than time which take with Winwget. And more amazing this software is rate speed download almost 1Mb/s, but with regular way it take less then 500 Kb/s. This software have ability to write Download process using time and percentages.

Review of  Winwget

I have been review this software about function and feature, this software is useful for people that don’t have much money to buy software like this. And  I also remember software that similar with this, but to bad we must buy it for full version. I recommended this tool installed on your computer. It will make your download become different then before.

Winwget portable version

Basically Winwget used for desktop version and that is mention on the official website. but, there is a question related with Winwget with portable version. I have been solution for that question and i found it on the internet, of course search from google. With portable version, your download become more flexible and more easy. Without installing on your desktop you can run it without any problem. I have been installed and used with windows 7 version. But from the official website, example of Winwget using windows xp version. we can assumed that this software is support all windows version, although I have not tried on another windows operating system.

How it Works

I think this software is easy to use. Ignore from your mindset that we must use tutorial. You only just click and run the program, then Winwget dialog box will show then find the link of your download then paste on the job button that have been you click. or you still want to read tutorial just follow to this link

Update Date2004-05-17
System RequirementsWindows Vista, 7, 8, 10
LicenseOpen Source (GPL)
Link To Downloaddownload


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