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Hello, today I want to share a software that using for USB. This software called USB Network Gate. It has been created by I have been read from the official website that USB Network Gate is  a software which function to make more simple to connect one or more USB devices from your computer through Network such as Internet/LAN/WAN when all device have been plugged into your computer. It does not matter where you live. If you stay on other country, you can remote scanner machine, printer, webcam, modem, USB dongle or other devices. And of-course that all device must be connected directly to your computer.


If you want to connect USB share to multiple computer user in the world over the network you can use this tool. But there are something that can be minor value about this software and off-course this is related to cost. Yes why I can said that because this software is used with trial version. If you want to use it with full item, you must buy it.

USB Network Gate is very useful for people who want to remote their work. It suite with People whom to do their work outside of the office. With a figure of easy to access from anywhere, make this software have good value as benefit.


After we installed it and then opened for the first time, a dialog box will show with have two tab. The first tab or Default tab is called Local USB Devices. On Local USB devices several tool will show which indicated how many USB devices that have connected to Local computer. There are three features on it, that device are Device button, All Ports, and Show Only share device checklist. When we click on device button it will show device that connected. And when we click All ports, then it will show all device and device that connected to PC.

And the second tab is called Remote USB Devices. On Remote USB contain device there are two featured. It called Add server and Enabled RDP auto connect. And this feature has been note from the official website. I want to tried Add server of this tool but i have no virtual server software like VMware. I am Curious with that feature, because if we tried with server maybe more interesting work with that.


I am has been installed this software on my computer using windows 10. For version that i have been installed is using USB Network Gate with 8.0 version. This tool is work normally without any trouble at all. This software is also support a lot of language. and Now if you want to used it android, you can download it on Google Play with more easy. And for android is has been re-invited and improved.
Update Date2018-11-06
System RequirementsWindows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Link To Downloaddownload





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